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This Is My Stand!

When I started my blog a few years ago, I decided to keep it “healthily balanced”. Lots of sexy pics, my work, dicks, assholes but also my thoughts about actual topics that are important to me. Nothing too heavy and I'm not in the habit of preaching or lecturing. But every now and then, I feel I have a duty to speak out!

I am not going to preach. That's not my style at all. This is my own way of thinking. I believe in a free mind and free speech. So I am taking this opportunity to speak out to all the haters. At the end of the day, this is MY BLOG!

I am writing this article mainly to clear up any misunderstanding about me barebacking. I have received many emails – good and bad – and messages about me having unprotected sex and I read every single one of them.

I try to find something in each one of them, that keeps my “engine ticking”. I believe that even in the negative emails there is something I can learn. Something to make me a better person.

So this is my stand to all the haters:

I have never had unprotected sex and those who claim to have seen me in videos doing so, or claim to

have had sex with me bareback are just liars! Plain and simple.

I am in a business where all I give to people is pleasure! (At least I hope I do.) So enough with the negative and uninformed comments! I believe that we should all take responsibility for our behaviour. Age is neither an issue nor an excuse. We owe it to ourselves. If someone does not want to have protected sex, that's cool. It is his/her decision (yes, girls read my blog too)!

But if you choose to go the unprotected way, be ready to face the possible consequences of your decision (just like any other decisions we make in life).

I support any choices my friends make as long as they understand fully what those choices mean and the consequences they could bring, good and bad. I have a few HIV+ friends and I do not judge, could never judge, I love them way too much to judge, and I have no right to judge.

So let me finish this short message with this: no one can tell anyone else what to do, but there is a responsibility that comes with independence.

Thank you Paul, Robert, Henry, Aamyko and Bj for helping me rise above all the negativity.

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