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Viva La Cuba!


Hi my sexy fluffers

So, this is my last day of filming here on the island of Ibiza and what a few days its been. Hot, horny and full of sexual energy.

First thing this the morning after my breakfast a guy came over to our villa with Rafael Carreras. He barely spoke any English but he was fucking gorgeous. Ripped, muscled, tattooed . And judging from the bulge in his pants, his cock was massive. I was a bit intimidated. Now you know that I took the 10-inch Cuban cock of Rafael Carreras but I was beginning to wonder if I was going to be able to walk after taking another 10″. My ass was still sore after the pounding it took from Rafael but I guess its rude not to give it a go right?  :-)

Adriano Carrasco was so charming. He kissed me and said “Buenos Dias” … Oh, I was smiling and my ass started to twitch and I couldn't wait to get pounded like crazy again. My Spanish is as basic as his English, so after some small talk we started to get to know each other a bit better.

Jay & Adriano Carrasco

Our scene was amazing. There was a sunbed with white pillows and curtains to shield us from the strong Ibiza sun. We started to kiss, touch and caress and of course sucking his enormous 10″ cock and rimming his beautiful bubbly peach bum. He fucked me and hugged me at the same time. We spooned and fucked again. Nonstop, there was no “stop” from Mr. Pam! The scene was shot in one go. You can judge for yourself very soon.

Jay, Adriano & Mr. Pam

Adriano, Jay, Rafael & Mr. Pam

These 3 short days in Ibiza, went fast, but I will remember them forever. I am still walking funny, but those dicks, those Cuban men …

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