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“Becuming” Art!

Hey sexy cum shooters,

Until now, if someone had asked me to just stand still and look pretty while they drew me, I would have laughed at them. It would never have occurred to me to stand and pose in front of an artist with paint or chalk or pencils. But doing porn has opened so many new doors to me that I am doing things I never imagined. For instance, working with fashion designers, which you have seen in my blog and photos. In being a part of fashion work, I have realized how much of an art form it is. I believe that fashion is an artistic expression of the situation, time period and the general mood of a designer. I now find myself excited by so many art forms.

Anyway, while I was in Los Angeles in October 2011, I was introduced to Miguel Angel Reyes, an artist, painter and school teacher. I was so impressed with his work that I secretly hoped he would ask me to pose and as soon as he did, I jumped and said “yes!”

I am so used to seeing photographs and video of myself, it’s not that often I think of myself used in other art forms. Even having been photographed by the likes of Dylan Rosser and Justin Monroe did not prepare me for how beautiful Miguel’s drawings would be and how much of an impression they would have on me, not seeing myself necessarily, but seeing these fascinating representations, every bit as vivid as pictures.

Here are some samples of Miguel’s work. It’s hard for me to judge art of myself, so I wonder what you all think of these. I’ve showed them to friends and they think that Miguel has really been able to capture not just my body, but also the spirit of Jay Roberts.

Enjoy and save the cum for later,

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These drawings are amazing. The sort of picture you should get framed and hang it in your home.

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j’avais entendu parler de Miguel Angel Reyes et de ses performances dans le dessin et le design…mais franchement là c’est magnifique…on y retrouve ta force, et ta fragilité de l’homme dans ses dessins.

Bravo à lui et avec un modèle pareil, çà ne pouvait que faire ce genre de planche.

Bravo Jay, tu restes toujours aussi sexy et encore plus désirable en voyant le travail de Miguel Angel Reyes…

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[…] that long ago, I showed you some drawings done of me by Miguel Angel Reyes in California. I found his art tasteful and yet so sexy, absolutely breathtaking! I never imagined […]

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