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Lucas Entertainment: Stages of Sex (February 2012) (+ trailer)

Morning my sex slaves,

Today is almost the mid of February 2012 and your Jay’s scenes have been released, one after the other, but take your time in watching them, though of course there will be plenty more coming!

Sometimes you don’t have the chance to meet your scene partner before a shoot. I remember how I met Adriano.

Before I even saw him, I I was hopping, “please be a hot sexy Latino with a beautiful face and an amazing ass. Let him sit on my face and cum all over me.” Well, I was a one lucky Jay. When Mr. Pam introduced Adriano to me, I was truly and honestly blown away. He is just fucking beautiful. He has a body that looks like a statue of a Greek God!

There was a huge chemistry right away. He speaks very little English and my Spanish is not very good. But boys and girls, the fireworks coming from this scene prove that language doesn’t matter and were shooting from Ibiza so far I think they could be seen all over Spain.

Anyway, enough of me writing. I would rather let the pictures do it for me. Enjoy Stages of Sex


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Enjoy my cum whores,



Jimi Paradise says:

Two best asses in the world! Perfect body, perfect cock, man! 😛

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[…] encounter in Stages of Sex by Lucas Entertainment and there are few words between the two, as Jay blogged about his limited Spanish and Adriano’s poor English, but it doesn’t deter the chemistry between them. Set in Ibiza, these two vacationers seduce […]

Rudal Jendhol says:

It is a good show

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