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UK Naked Men: Jay & Race (February 2012) (+ Trailer)

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Morning my sleazy horny porn addicts,

Since it’s rare that my scenes shot directly for the Internet get reviewed, I wanted to tell you a bit about my scene with Race Cooper for In a way I’m reviewing myself, because I’m really proud of how the scene turned out, but it’s also a way for me to tell you what it was truly like as you watch the scene. It is up and ready on the site, so grab your dick and head on over to watch!

The scene starts with me in the kitchen, wearing an apron. Race says my “buns are on fire” and I made a sexual joke, but it turns out he meant the ones in the oven. We had a good time doing that little bit of dialogue.

You know me, I love ass the most. I put Race up on the kitchen counter to eat his ass. It was actually kind of cool because Race started making these sounds every time my tongue hit a sensitive spot and those sounds made me work even harder.

When it came time to fuck, Race was SUPER tight. I had to work myself in slowly, but don’t worry, I soon blast ahead with tons of energy and at this point in the scene, I was like a demon. I remember thinking, “go harder, go faster!” Race was roaring wildly with every thrust, but then I would trick him with some really slow pushes, which the camera captured brilliant from below us. I fucked Race with all I had until he shot his load and then I did the same on his chest.

So, what do you think? How did we do? Do my memories of how great a time we had turn into hot nasty porn for all of you one-handed jerkers?

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Jay and Race did a great job. This scene is hot and I would to see more.

cool J XD

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