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Live PLAY>TIME Show – Gets Sweaty!

Bonjour a tout mes salopes! / Hello to all my bitches!

I wanted to rush this blog entry onto my website so I can show you one of the best videos yet taken of PLAY>TIME. This was filmed at the very first PLAY>TIME in Paris and I’m posting it just in time for our second, this Saturday night, March 17.

That first time was so exciting! The crowd went wild when I performed with my two adorable pups, Gabriel Cross and Danny King. Maybe I shouldn’t say this because I’m in the clips, but I am getting a little hard just looking at it. I noticed a lot of boners that night, come to think of it. It was magic, the whole night.

Joining me at SPYCE this weekend will be the super sexy Will Helm, so come join us and see what naughty fun the two of us can cook up for our fabulous fans in Paris!

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david&keith says:

super super hot JAY xoxo, and to make the night even hotter…gabriel cross!! we love u

As always Jay, You know haw to party hard. Seems like a good time was had by all. And, what’s up with that cute little hottie Gabriel Cross. He is a knock out! Keep the party going Jay! Much luv

goodolewoody says:

What misfortune: I can’t be in Paris Saturday. Have even more fun for me. :)

Jay you have done it again, you keep me in love 😉 Haha

That video is sooo hot, now I am going to be up all night. I’ve noticed you just about always have great music tracks on your videos, real club bangers. One question, is this music the type played at your Playtime, or just your own choice for these vids?

Jay Roberts says:

No babes, this is not the kind of music that is plays in playtime.
I just liked the song for the video and it fits amazingly :-)

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