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Triple S @ PLAY>TIME

When I told a friend of mine about who was coming to 23 November PLAY>TIME, he called it the Triple S (Sex Summit of Saints). I remembered to wear a cross necklace, but I’m not sure if anything else that night could land any of us in the Bible, unless they want some hot pictures!

So, I was there, of course, but my co-host, the first time I have ever had a co-host, was the legendary Chi Chi LaRUE, the inventor of gay porn, as we know it today. Chi Chi is not only a fabulous director, but also fierce Personality who knows how to throw a party!

When Chi Chi travels, she does not do it alone. There are always boys with her and can you believe that PLAY>TIME had Jesse Santana, Johnny Hazard and Daniel Dias at the same time? Britain’s own Dean Monroe was there as well. I have some surprises coming up that involve Dean, so keep following! So many fantasies of us doing all sorts of dirty things all over the club went through my head that I decided to hire someone to follow me around and write everything down so I don’t forget. Very valuable fantasies. So valuable, I can’t wait to film them!

But, just because the Yanks were in town doesn’t mean my special EuroBoys weren’t every bit the focus. How could they not be, two of my stars, sexy Paul Walker and Paddy O’Brian? They were mobbed by the queue outside the club before even getting in! When Paul and Paddy stripped, people almost got into fights to be closest to the stage. Luckily, both Paul and Paddy, sweating and glistening, love to be worshipped, so a lot of lucky fans got some sweat on their hands and faces, and maybe a little more.

Truly, guys, even I was star struck by my special guests. So were others. To see my one-night-only event, even Jodie Harsh, who is the face & owner of another London club called Room Service came to PLAY>TIME!

So, what else happened? I told you, St. Paddy and St. Paul stripped for the crowd while St. Jay, St. Johnny, St. Dean, St. Jesse and St. Chi Chi drank our way into the drunkest dancing I’ve ever done. There were three photographers there to prove it, a magazine reporters and more fans than we have ever had before at a PLAY>TIME. EVER!

Erm, if anyone has seen my assistant, can you let me know

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