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After my holiday, I came back to find that my scene for called “The Good Boy” with Mike Colucci had not only been released, but in the first few days, over 7000 people have seen it! It’s so exciting! I am doing my special Happy Jay Dance.

Push it up to 10,000 and I may do more than just the Happy Jay Dance for you horny wankers!

“The Good Boy” really is one of my personal favorite scenes. As I told you, Mike and I had great chemistry, he’s so fucking adorable and he has the best ass ever. When we film together, my cock and my tongue fight over which gets more time inside it.

But, “The Good Boy” is also a very artistic scene, something quite different and unique. Why am I telling you? Go watch it and find out for yourself.

Don’t forget, “Power Outage” with Goran and “Bashed and Furious 3” with Paddy O’Brian are also up on Watch them all!

There is a lot more of me cumming on, so keep going back!

Tell me what you think about this spin on a porn scene :-)

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