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1 day, 3 of Jay!

In the history of, I don’t think anyone has had THREE scenes released on the same day, until I did, on it FriJay, December 7.  All were part of the launch of Men of UK, a section of the site dedicated to the best in European porn.  It honours me to know that decided I was one of the best representatives to use for their launch with THREE scenes.

I said that, yeah?  THREE scenes.

The Boss’ Son is one of my favorite filming experiences ever.  I got to play with that saucy Irish lad Diesel O’Green.  Diesel is tiny, but muscular, energetic and he has no sexual limits.  In the scene, I’m a playboy who can’t help but put his hands, mouth, tongue and cock all over one of his father’s factory workers.

There are so many incredible moments here, but I really want to tell you how awesome it is to work with Diesel.  He can take my cock hard and punishing in any position I want, he likes to be dominated, but makes me struggle.  When we started the kissing, I knew that by the time we were done, I was going to be exhausted and it’s true.  After this scene, I slept for a whole day!  Watching it again, I felt exactly like I did at the time…HARD AS A FUCKING ROCK!

And THANK YOU to all of my fans.  Since FriJay, December 7, less than a week ago, the scene has been watched almost 7,000 times!

I feel lucky to have been the very first man ever to work with Paul Walker in a sex scene.  In The Drill Sergeant 1,” he’s in charge.  I have to run all over the course, do push-ups and then after all that, clean my boots before he decides he wants even more from me.

Sucking Paul was fun because I love when a cock grows from regular size to enormous in my mouth.  I gagged on Paul happily.  Paul decides to fuck me and he does it in every possible position: from behind, on my back, on my side, but my personal favorite was when I rode him.  I got to grind and bounce and have all sorts of fun.

The third scene is You’ve Been Caught,” my first ever onscreen orgy!  That made me a little nervous, but I had Diesel and one of my best mates, Rogan Richards, in the scene with me.  Harley Everett, a longtime pal, and Ryan Stokes help make this one bloody cool experience.  Will I do another orgy?  FUCK YES!

I’m a security guard at a porn factory, with Rogan and Harley, and we catch thieves Diesel and Ryan.  It starts with Ryan blowing me while Diesel, fingered by Harley, blows Rogan.  Was I jealous of two daddies playing with my boy?  No, I knew I would get my chance.  In fact, I fucked Diesel before the other two. You have to watch the whole scene because we keep moving around and trying new stuff.  I end up cumming on Diesel and he does the same with me there.  He’s my lad, that Diesel!

Oh, and moral of the story…PORN IS NOT FREE!!!! Try stealing it and you will be totally fucked.

And if these three scenes aren’t enough for you pud pullers, there my previous scenes: Bashed and Furious 3 with Paddy O’Brian, The Good Boy with Mike Colucci and Power Outage with Goran, all of which have over 15,000 views!  There will be one last surprise for you before the New Year too.

I really am so humbled and thankful to have such wonderful fans.  You are why I do it and I hope you want me to keep going for a very long time!

Enjoy fuckers!

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I loved the bosses son. You were both so hot and it contained two of my special moments of hotness – jeans around ankles and standing fuck. Thanks Jay.

Chris goulding says:

And all 3 scenes are great no wounder they asked ya

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