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More COCKtails Please!

Listen up, bitches!

Everyone asks me all the time, “when will you be in the USA?”  I’m here now I expect all of you to be in Los Angeles on December 19 to see me at Cocktails with the Stars along with my mate Rogan Richards.  We’ve done a few scenes together and there is not supposed to be full nudity at Cocktails, but sometimes my clothes just accidentally all fall off on its own.

This is my third visit to answer embarrassing questions from Scotty B and mix with my fans.  You all better be making a long queue…sorry, LINE, I’m in the US…for hours to get in.  I’m giving you plenty of notice, so book those plane tickets, get on the train, find a bus, steal a car, whatever you have to do, because I want to see you and I know you want to see me!

See you there fuckers!

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hey jay would love to shoot some photos of you while your in la …

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