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Dear Santa!

Lets sing: Santa Jayby — Slip Me Something Under the Tree..

Ok … now back to the pics :-)

My second time working with the amazing Justin Monroe was as fabulous as the first. My only worry going into it was that Justin would make me shave off all my hair as big asses and shaved bodies are his signature look, just like Tyra Banks has her “smize.” We know what she is talking about!

I can’t tell you all of what happened during our shoot just yet, but I think we went even further creatively than the last time.

Let me see, what CAN I tell you? Justin gave me a copy of his fantastic book “Rock Bottom” with some personal messages that are only for my eyes. Sorry, dudes! If you haven’t seen the book, get it. It makes a great holiday present, but you should all have a copy for yourselves because I’m in it! My ass and cock landed on a page in the book, which is very exciting and a great honour.

As for the pictures we shot, all I can tell you so far is that it had a Christmas theme. Santa was there, along with a naughty boy and some dolls with special talents. Which do you like best? Keep in mind Dolly Jay has no gag reflex!

There is still more coming …. soooooooooon :)

Enjoy fuckers!

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What a Christmas that will be with the sex Jay doll, under my tree… Merry Christmas Jay!

Oh, yes, I enjoyed this post, and certainly enjoyed the photographs! Thank you, Jayby!!

Merry Xmas :-)

Thank you. And Happy Holidays to you and yours, too.

Thank you, Jay. And many Happy Holidays and Divine Blessings to you and yours!

Thank you, Jay. And Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you and yours, too!

Seriously hot pics. I’ve got a raging hard-on now.

haha … thank u .. good reaction :-)

Mmm…milk&cookies 😉 Love the photos. Justin Monroe’s work is awesome.

Excuse me Wwo was the other one?

Who is the other guy ?

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