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The Drill Sergeant 3 (& January 2013 on

The Drill Sergeant 3 is a Christmas present from for all of my fans. I was in the first one with Paul Walker, but not the second one because I had to give my hole a rest! Once again, Paul plays a nasty sergeant, but this time he’s joined by Paddy O’Brian and it’s not just my privates in trouble. Scott Hunter and Dean Monroe are just as bad.

There are three main reasons I wanted to do this scene so badly. First, I discovered I really like porn group scenes. This is my second, how am I doing? I won’t give it away, but during the fucking, we do a position I have always wanted to try, the kind you can’t do with just two guys.

I was excited to work with Paddy and Paul again. In fact, Paddy and I kept going even when the cameras were not recording. Maybe I will be the one to put a little of my magic JayGay into Paddy and Paul one of these days.

Lastly, the biggest draw for me here was the chance to work with the legendary Dean Monroe, my absolute favorite when I discovered porn. Dean gets sexier all the time and he’s a total professional. I was a little nervous about working with one of my fantasy men, but Dean could not have been sweeter or funnier and we have since become close mates. Getting the chance to give Dean Monroe a blowjob and then fuck the hell out of him is definitely a career highlight.

Right before this scene was released, a fan emailed me and asked if it was still fun to work with guys I’ve already worked with. Dude, watch this scene and I think the answer is clear. I could work with Dean or Paddy or Paul a hundred times and still enjoy every minute.

In fact, I might invite them all over to my flat to keep the sizzle going. What do you think, should I do it? I promise it will be as hot as it is in my scenes. Okay, now I have a giant boner, so I am going to pull out some Dean Monroe porn and take care of that.

Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 18.19.25

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