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Finally Damien Crosse (

Happy New Year!  Does anyone want to tell me their naught stories from last night.

One of you sexy readers noted that every time I finish shooting a scene, I say how amazing the guy is, maybe even my favorite of all.  It’s true, but I have been incredibly lucky to have worked with guys who know how to have fun, how to fuck. Fun and Fuck, perfect.  Maybe I should do a clothing line “Fun by Jay” or “Fucked by Jay.”  Who would buy?

Sorry, you know how much I love fashion too.  Back to the scene.  Office Pranksis out now on  I hope my ass is the first ass you see this year.

In the scene, my coworker Damien Crosse is getting annoyed by all of the pranks I’m pulling: hiding his stuff, telling him their crabby boss wants to see him and many others. I answer his accusations with a fake kiss sound, and when he’s standing over me, he actually kisses me.  To the fan who asked how I can love every costar, have you seen Damien?  His eyes, his thick muscled body and his mouthwatering cock make it impossible not to worship him.

Sucking Damien’s cock meant I didn’t have to eat lunch or dinner that day.  It’s fucking massive!  He makes me work very hard for it.  Not that I’m bragging, but it’s pretty rare for me to gag, but I do here and it only made Damien push his dick into my face harder and deeper.  Damien tops me and comes up with this insane way of multitasking. I’m on my knees in a chair giving him a blowjob and then he spins the chair around so that he can fuck me.  You have to watch it.  Back and forth, back and forth.  I felt like a kid at an amusement park.

For more of “Office Pranks,” go to and fall in love with Damien.  You can to fight it, but eventually, you will give in.  He’s irresistible!

There are two more scenes of mine about to be released on

  • 14 January has Pulling an All Nighter, where I finally get the opportunity to work with Spencer Reed!
  • Released on 15 January will be The Disciplinary with new guy named Taylor Scott who is very good.

And don’t forget about my other scenes already up on the site:

  • “The Boss’ Son” with Diesel O’Green
  • “The Drill Sergeant 1” with Paul Walker
  • “You’ve Been Caught” with Rogan Richards, Harley Everett and Diesel O’Green
  • “Bashed and Furious 3” with Paddy O’Brian
  • “The Good Boy” with Mike Colucci
  • “Power Outage” with Goran

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I want to see the video

1976csergiulemeilleur says:

When will pair you with Tommy Defendi? (your are both sexcellent in rimming, you are both secellent flip-floping. will this dream come true in 2013?)
Thanks for being so good Jay!

Well once HOTHOUSE calls :-)

Finally saw it on, very hot! Stupid question: does being done that hard still feel pleasurable or is it just painful? I mean wow, I don’t think I could take that.

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