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Introducing MARCO RUBI!

Marco RUBIO by Dylan ROSSER

One of my favourite things about working in porn is filming with new guys. I have worked with big stars and they are great too, but there’s an extra bit of excitement I get when I arrive and meet a brand new guy.

When I met Marco Rubi before a recent shoot, it was fucking amazing. I walked in and saw him and was instantly in love. He is flawless, head to toe, and also a really nice guy. I will tell you about the scene when it is released, so for now I’m just teasing, which you all know I love.

I thought you guys might like it if I introduced you to Marco in a simple Q&A. I also wanted to fuck him again, so this gives me the perfect opportunity.

Marco Rubio


You did your very first major porn scene for Kristen Bjorn, who makes porn into art. What was it like to work with him?

Working with him is amazing. He is very sweet and professional….plus the men he films are all hot!!!

When you were growing up in Italy, did you want to be a porn star? I think you did, that’s why your body is so fucking perfect.

 Actually I never really thought I would do it.  I love to watch it. I studied photography, but in the meantime, I figured making some money fucking hot men isn’t a bad idea. 

Do you have a specific type of guy who turns you on when you shoot porn?

 Muscles-hairy-tattoos … Enough said!

Is it the same type of guy when you are not shooting?


Are there any porn stars or specific porn movies that inspired you? Would you work with any of those guys if you had the chance?

I love the men of Raging Stallion.  I drool over them. Any one (or more) would be heaven to work with. 

You have one of the hottest asses I’ve ever eaten and fucked and you are the perfect bottom. Are you always a bottom?

 No. I love to top too. Depends on the guy’s ass and my mood.

I think we should do a flip flop scene, do you agree? How about right now?

Lol! I’m in!

What kind of sex do you like best? Is it slow and romantic or fast and nasty or maybe really kinky?

It’s better I just show you ;)))

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1 Comment:
andrew cluer says:

I think that you do Marco Rubi full justice. he is real eye candy. He erotically knows how to turn men on, and on again

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