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Stage Name: Jay Roberts

Height: 6’2″ (187 cm)

Weight: 189 pounds (86 kg)

Position: Versatile

Cock size: 8″ uncut

My name is Jay Roberts, a model amp; porn-star originally from Bratislava (Slovak Republic). After 2003 I decided to move west to Prague (Czech Republic), which became my hometown for the next 5 years. I am currently based in London (United Kingdom), where I am enjoying my freedom and variety of projects. I have my own amazing night filled with performances by world known porn stars, called PLAYgt;TIME at London SOHO’s busiest club LoProfile.

I obtained a degree in Marketing at The University of Economics in Slovakia and ever since I graduated, I have been working on challenging projects in marketing of major building society in Slovak Republic and in an office of a major Asian electronics producer in Czech Republic.

I also had the opportunity of doing some modeling projects, and it’s always been my aim to become an international porn-model. My porn career started a few years ago with one of the major players in the sex business, TitanMen. I got my first opportunity to prove my qualities, under their brand TitanMen Fresh. Since then it has been like a joyride, working and becoming friends with producers, directors and other models; gaining experience and sharing it with others as well as being able to travel the world.

Although I enjoy doing porn and having sex with hot models, I try to balance my private and professional life.

All that matters at the end is to be happy and healthy.

Keep hot amp; horny fellas,




The Hookies 2011: Best Ass

The Hookies 2011: Best Personal Website



Winner 2010: The 16th Annual Hard Choice Awards – Most Passionate Sex (2010) – Paris Playboys for Lucas Entertainment



California Boys – BUCKSHOT (February, 2012) with Steven Vexx, Adrian Long

Stages of Sex – Lucas Entertainment (February, 2012) with Adriano Carrasco

Satisfaction – Hard Friction (January, 2012) with Angelo Marconi

Nasty Fuckers – Raging Stallions (January, 2012) with Parker Perry

Auditions Volume 43: Euro Guys – Lucas Entertainment (December, 2011) with Rafael Carreras

I Want You – FALCON (November, 2011) with Landon Conrad

Addicted – Hot Spunks (August, 2011) with Brice Farmer

FUCK! – Lucas Entertainment (April, 2011) with Brice Farmer

Intuition – TitanMen (March, 2011) with Jessy Ares

Consent – TitanMen (February, 2011) with Ben Brown and Eduardo Rodriguez

After Hours – Lucas Entertainment (January, 2011) with Harry Louis

Auditions Volume 37: Balls to the Wall – Lucas Entertainment (November, 2010) with Ivan Rueda

Blowjobs! – Lucas Entertainment (April, 2010)

Distraction – TitanMen (March, 2010) with Christopher Saint

Toolbox – TitanMen (February, 2010) with Dean Flynn

Auditions Volume 32: International Auditions – Lucas Entertainment (January, 2010) with Jordan Fox

Inside Israel – Lucas Entertainment (November, 2009) with Bruno Jones and Sasha Dov

Eye Contact – TitanMen (November, 2009) with Gio Forte

Paris Playboys – Lucas Entertainment (September, 2009) with Brice Farmer

House Call – TitanMen (December, 2008) with Marco Blaze

Surprise Package – TitanMen (August, 2008) with Edvar Soucek

Summer Encounters – TitanMen (January, 2008) with Felix Slovacek and Marco Mark

Joyride – TitanMen (November, 2007) with Petr Majer and Robert Wild




Action (September, 2011) with Eliad Anastos amp; Alec

Abducted (May, 2011) solo scene

Hole in One (December, 2010) with Max Duran

The Wedding – Perfect Fit (November, 2010) with Hugo Martin

Record and Play (July, 2010) with Steve Daigle

Marco’s Welcome (November, 2009) with Marco Wilson

Double Take (May, 2008) with Mangiatti Twins


Hard Hats Sharp Suits (April, 2011) with Issac Jones

SP4 – Bound to Please (January, 2011) with Harley Everett

Jay amp; Steven (August ,2010) with Steve Daigle

The Man Who Dreaded Sundown (2009) with Carioca


with Brad Kalvo (December, 2011)

with JR Matthews (November, 2011)


i really love u says:

ust to say thank you for that full frank interview. I tink that when icons like you can come forward and admit that they enjoy and appreciate neing fucked or fucking, and all the other sexual variations, then we move closer to a really free and tolerant sexual world which will allow us to sort out all those other problems which are attacking and destrying the world.

Thank you


I would love to get your video with Milan Gamiani — the one where you are wearing bunny ears and he tops you. I have seen some screen caps and it looks absolutely hot — and you are amazingly cute, especially wearing the rabbit ears, bent over!

Let me know where I can order that video please! Thanks!

I come arcoss your website and found so down to earth, great site well be having a look every so often oh and great body too jay x



Hi Jay

So glad that I decided to follow you on Twitter because through it, I found out about your blog! Very hot blog, I have to say! And very generous of you to share ‘more’ about you and your activities.

Honestly, I haven’t seen any of your videos and because of that, I feel I missed out big time! I guess I have a lot of catching up to do!

Glad to hear you have been to Sydney! I live in this beautiful city but also like London very much!

I wish all the best in your career and other endeavours you decide to pursue!

Take care,

I watched a few of your videos after being forced to by my gay friend when I told him I was bisexual, I have to say, you are amazing, your body is like, amazing and you’re so good looking, will continue to watch your videos


Hey your hot man. I never fucked myself but really wants to be with you. Hope we will see each other soon! TC..

To a super hot sexy guy. Jay you are the tops right now. I mean, you really bring the heat to any guy that you come in contact with. Even a guy so far away like me.

Oh boy . You’re beautiful .

I love you!You make me wanna!you’re fantstic and sexy!

Yeah, MAP, wher’s ypur pix from Manatplay?

Jay Roberts says:

Yeah I will add them later :-) Glad u like the scenes

Hi Jay,

Lovely website!!
I had the quetion, where did you make this website??

Greetz Bob

Jay Roberts says:

Thank u very much. It is from a theme for blogs. cheers

love watching you, you total my type = A++++

Jay Roberts says:

Blushing :-)

OMG You are so awesome ,am in love , being searching for you so long
SAGAT was my favorite star for 7 years ,but now you change my life forever . I wish i could see you in real……..

i have ejaculated countless loads to your vid with Bryce Farmer…..for Michael Lucas.
you two men simply thrill me with your passion! thXXX!!

bryantjiupek89 says:

Jay, keep up the good work!! Looking forward to meet you at Play>Time though 😉

Love your performances in every video.

I’m in love~ Hope I can meet you one day! Sigh~

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