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Room Service Hosting.

In London nightlife, Jay Roberts means PLAY>TIME. The Biggest Night was definitely an awesome experience, with months of planning and everything arranged perfectly. But, I also like to go out and visit the clubs for other parties; many of them are hosted by friends. Every party has a different feel and I respect that very

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I never thought 10 May would never arrive. The Biggest Night, the return of PLAY>TIME ( for one night only. Finally, it did arrive and it was everything I told you it would be. The music and the lights at the club were fierce. It was impossible not to be carried to the dance floor and

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The Biggest Star on the Biggest Night!

I have kept you guys slobbering long enough over what is happening to PLAY>TIME. I hope you still have saliva left. How else are you going to lick me up and down when you get to PLAY>TIME? What? It's back? Really? Yes, my little pimps and pimpettes… PLAY>TIME IS BACK…FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY!!!!

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Cock, Tales and Rogan Too

19 December 2012 will go down as one of the best nights of my career. It was my third time doing Cocktails with the Stars in West Hollywood with Scotty B. There were two female porn stars there also who kept trying to flirt with me, which was really cute, but even more important to

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Triple S @ PLAY>TIME

When I told a friend of mine about who was coming to 23 November PLAY>TIME, he called it the Triple S (Sex Summit of Saints). I remembered to wear a cross necklace, but I’m not sure if anything else that night could land any of us in the Bible, unless they want some hot pictures!

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JayRo & Chi Chi

If you could see me now, my wonderful amazing fans, you would see a smile so big. I’m so excited I can’t sit still. I have the best news to share with you! PLAY>TIME on 23 November is going to be one of the most special Fridays in the history of PLAY>TIME!!!!!! So many times

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Hey my sexy hugry bottoms & tops More than 50 Fridays More than 80 Porn Star Visits More than 20,000 Guests More than 100,000 Tequila shotsAdd it all up and it equals…ONE 

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My Big Freaking Number!

Happy fucking Birthday to me! Another year gone and I am getting older. These past 12 months, I have been crazy and busy and creative and I lovingly suffered through all of it. But that’s what makes us who we are. I would never be where I am now without you guys, my fans!!! I

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Comfortably Numb!

Hey fellow Scissor Sisters fans and fans to be, You have asked me many times to post events from my private live. As much as I treasure that part of me and try to keep it separate from my Jay Roberts alter ego, this time, I cannot resist mixing it all up. I think you

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Video of the Best Porn Live Show in Paris!

Hey my cheap hookers, Anyone who tells you that the best St. Patrick’s Day fun can only be in Ireland has obviously never experienced PLAY>TIME. We rocked the big weekend in both London and Paris, with record attendance and raucous behavior, everything you guys have come to expect from the best party in Europe! It

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Live PLAY>TIME Show – Gets Sweaty!

Bonjour a tout mes salopes! / Hello to all my bitches! I wanted to rush this blog entry onto my website so I can show you one of the best videos yet taken of PLAY>TIME. This was filmed at the very first PLAY>TIME in Paris and I’m posting it just in time for our second, this Saturday night,

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Tequila Time!

Hey guys, PLAY>TIME I know, I have been bragging about it for so long, but this is the last time I’ll mention it. In this context. On a weekday. In February.

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