Introducing THEO FORD!

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A lot of you told me how much you liked my scene with THEO FORD at I have wanted to do one of my little interviews with him since then, but he is so busy, we just now finally had a chance to do it. I hope you sexy fuckers enjoy it!

Introducing JON GALT!

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Hey guys.

I like to keep current and know who all of the hot new porn performers are. Some of them I want to work with immediately…and even if it’s not being filmed.

I was checking things out and found out that a big fan favourite, JON GALT, was back in porn, filming new scenes. I reached out to him to see if he wanted to say hello to his fans and my fans and he was very excited to do it. Enjoy the interview!


Introducing MITCH BRANSON!

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I think all my fans know I love guys who are versatile. Like Mitch BRANSON ( & Blog – Sometimes he tops and sometimes he bottoms. Sometimes he is a sweet shaved Randy Blue model and sometimes he is a hairy COLT Man. Since I love COLT so much, I have a big crush on Mitch Branson. It turns out he’s even more sexy when you meet him or talk to him!

Introducing JOHNNY V!

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I hope you like all of the interviews I do with my porn star mates. I have a very interesting new one for you. I have not worked with Johnny V or even met him, but I am a big fan of his. He has a great look, all of those amazing muscles, gingers always get my attention, his ass is as solid as a rock, the kind I like to pound hard. I approached him on Twitter and found out that he was a fan of mine. He said he wants to work with me on screen and play off screen. We will both make that happen and I think we can get you a few pictures 🙂

Introducing SAXON WEST!

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Hey guys

I have not worked with SAXTON WEST, but I really want to. I have certainly wanked to his scenes many times. In person, he is so sexy, very confident and, like me, likes to tease. Here is a little interview I did with Saxon that led us to…I can’t tell you. Tell me what you think happened!

Introducing ALEX GRAHAM!

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A few years ago, adorable and sexy Alex GRAHAM (twitter account is Alex_GrahamXXX) contacted me saying that he hoped we could work together some day. It was very sweet and I was honored, so I watched a bunch of his scenes and when I saw what he could do, I knew we had to work together. But you as my fans know I love sharing, so here is some Alex Graham for all of you!

What do US porn stars think of European porn stars? It’s so rare that you guys visit, so how do we compare with what you expected?

I think we look at you guys as a bit more glamorous and jet-setting. Most of the US porn world is centered in California. Here, in Europe, there’s a ton of porn guys and companies in England, Spain, Italy, Germany and France. You all get to travel so much from place to place that your life seems a lot more glamorous than a boring cross country flight from NYC to LA ;).

Give me some good US porn star gossip. I love gossip. Whisper it in my ear.

I would…but I never fuck and tell ;). All I can say is that it’s all true.

Introducing GABRIEL CROSS!

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Hello bitches 🙂

I hope all of you are having a sexy summer.  Send me some pics!  I’ve been posting a bunch and there are more to come.

One of my best mates in porn is someone I have not actually worked with, but I have always wanted to!  I asked him if he wanted to do one of my short interviews and he was very excited.

So, my fans, get to know the amazing gorgeous GABRIEL CROSS


First, what is it like to know that you were the first ever Randy Blue exclusive not from America?

It’s really flattering. Travis James is really responsible for it. He was the one to introduced me to Randy and he really pushed for them to shoot with me. me anything!

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Hey my sexy fuckers 🙂 I know I haven’t been able to post as much on my blog or Facebook or Twitter lately and I really missed hearing from my fans. But, now you can ask me questions directly on . I opened the account this weekend and within minutes a whole bunch of you had questions.

Introducing JUSTIN BLAKE!

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I just filmed a scene with another brand new guy to porn. His name is JUSTIN BLAKE and he’s from Australia. He has an amazing body and is very sweet. He has great tight ass and you know that’s all I need to get hard and shoot for hours. We made a hot scene!

During a break, I asked Justin to do a little interview for me. I hope you like it.

Introducing GABRIEL CLARK!

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By now, you have hopefully know about my new scene. It is with the sexy Gabriel Clark for .

I told you about the scene when we shot it, that it was electrifying, an experience I won’t forget and we finished in 40 minutes.

It was fantastic, but it left us with a lot of time, so I decided to interview him like I do all of my costars.

Introducing JIMMY DURANO!

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Hey my sexy fellas,

All of the porn star interviews I have posted on my site are of guys I worked with. This interview is different because it’s about a guy I want to work with! Every time I see a Jimmy Durano scene, I can feel what his cock is like slamming into my ass. Maybe on my next trip to US, it will come true!


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Morning bitches

I hope your hands and cocks are not too tired from all the pumping you have with my two new scenes at Keep going!

If you need a break, read a little here about Valentin MEDICI, the sexy Latin pig bottom in one of the new scenes. He’s a sweet guy to talk to and an animal when he’s naked!

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