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I had a nice surprise when I visited the Lucas Entertainment website this morning. One of my scenes is among their to four highest selling scenes. It’s my scene with Damir from “Unzipped,” which was released over six months ago! I’m very proud of this because it means so much to have such supportive fans.

Lucas Entertainment: UNZIPPED (March 2013) + Trailer

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Hey my sexy bitches

A few months ago I showed you some behind the scenes footage of a a brand new porn star (I was his first porn partner). I couldn’t say anything at the time, but the guy is Damir and the scene is for Lucas Entertainment, for their upcoming “Unzipped,” which is now available at

I’m really proud of this scene. You guys know how much I love big dicks, and Damir’s is so thick. The first time I saw it, I thought, “wow, that’s kind of scary,” but by the time I was riding it, I remembered why I love fat cocks so much. The challenge is sexy and the feeling is even better!

Lucas Entertainment: SEXTERIORS (January 2013) (+ Trailer)

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Hello to all my slobbering sluts!

Guess who is on the cover of the new Lucas Entertainment DVD “Sexteriors?” It’s the fourth time they have put me on the cover.

Sexteriors” is actually a compilation DVD of scenes from other movies all shot outside. That’s Adriano Carrasco on the cover with me from “Stages of Sex.” We filmed in Ibiza, which was the most amazing place. I was hard the whole time because we were in a house with the hottest guys.

Review: Stages of Sex (Lucas Ent.)

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“Fantasy Fulfilled.” I suppose with a title like that, one might ask “whose fantasy?” Well, I’m sure I’m not alone in shooting my hand in the air, not with dashing statuesque Jay Roberts lounging by the pool in expensive sunglasses. He’s ready for action, but it’s no fun to play alone, even when you have a body with more abs than fingers can count. That’s where the fantasy comes in, the perfect being conjured up by Jay: Adriano Carrasco, a mouthwatering jewel with a great body and a hard dick barely contained in his tiny bathing suit. He walks right up to Jay and kisses him. Torrential Latin heat meets the sizzle of European elegance as the two start to attack each other.

Lucas Entertainment: Stages of Sex (February 2012) (+ trailer)

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Morning my sex slaves,

Today is almost the mid of February 2012 and your Jay’s scenes have been released, one after the other, but take your time in watching them, though of course there will be plenty more coming!

Sometimes you don’t have the chance to meet your scene partner before a shoot. I remember how I met Adriano.

Before I even saw him, I I was hopping, “please be a hot sexy Latino with a beautiful face and an amazing ass. Let him sit on my face and cum all over me.” Well, I was a one lucky Jay. When Mr. Pam introduced Adriano to me, I was truly and honestly blown away. He is just fucking beautiful. He has a body that looks like a statue of a Greek God!

Review: Auditions: Volume 43: Euro Guys (Lucas Ent.)

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And then we come to my beloved Rafael Carreras’ scene. He’s paired with the outrageously gorgeous Jay Roberts, so elegant, so crisply sexy, so devilish (by far Slovakia’s greatest contribution to gay porn, and with respect to hockey’s Peter Stastny, tennis’ Daniela Hantuchova and the notorious Countess Bathory, my vote for Slovakia’s great contribution to anything!). This is a genius pairing of overwhelming riches, one of those “big scenes” pitting together two never-fail heavyweights. There is no one to question them, title cards used instead. The question of “aren’t you retired” does come up, but Rafael says, “you bring hot guys here to my place, I’m not stupid.” Good point! The questions are dorky, and Jay in particular really wants to get to the sex, pushing through with comic answers, constantly touching Rafael to get him all worked up too. They finally kiss and we’re off! Men don’t come hotter than these two.

Lucas Entertainment: Auditions 43: Euro Guys VIDEO

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Hey my cock-takers,

Haven’t received your DVD cop of Auditions 43: Euro Guys and watched my HOT scene with Rafael Carreras yet? Now you have no excuse not to see it because you can download it here and watch it immediately. After you’ve cleaned off the cum, let me know what you think of the scene!

Lucas Entertainment: Auditions 43: Euro Guys (December 2011)

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Hey my cum addicts,

Filming porn in Ibiza with Rafael Carreras for Lucas Entertainment will always be a highlight of my career. I told you all about our incredible shoot at the time and my ass can still feel his MASSIVE cock pounding the hell out of me. It is one you never forget. Now you can all get a taste of what it was like with the release of Auditions 43: Euro Guys.”

Viva La Cuba!

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Hi my sexy fluffers

So, this is my last day of filming here on the island of Ibiza and what a few days its been. Hot, horny and full of sexual energy.

First thing this the morning after my breakfast a guy came over to our villa with Rafael Carreras. He barely spoke any English but he was fucking gorgeous. Ripped, muscled, tattooed . And judging from the bulge in his pants, his cock was massive. I was a bit intimidated. Now you know that I took the 10-inch Cuban cock of Rafael Carreras but I was beginning to wonder if I was going to be able to walk after taking another 10″. My ass was still sore after the pounding it took from Rafael but I guess its rude not to give it a go right?  🙂

My First FF!

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Hey my cum lovers

Yesterday, before I went to bed, I told myself, i have to get ready for Rafael. I have never been fucked by a guy with a dick that size, so I took my best friend (you remember, the black mumba) out of my suitcase and got familiar with him all over again. I stretched my asshole for bit. It felt so good, I could have ridden it all night. I was sooooo horny; I shot my load and fell asleep a very happy fella.

When I met Rafael, I was pleasantly surprised. He is actually very nice guy. I went to shake his hand and he went right for my ass, grabbed it and squeezed it in his big hands. Then his hands went a bit further and as I was wearing only speedos, it was easy for him to stick his finger in my ready-to-use hole. He licked his finger and said: “yumi”. I started to laugh. I like men very active, the ones that know how to fuck my mouth until I choke and open my ass so good, that they can ride it nonstop. I had a feeling this was gonna be a horny scene!

Roberts vs. Agassi @ Gigolo.

Hey my horny sluts,

I love London. It is not only cause it is “a melting pot” of many cultures but you can also enjoy very “cultural” things to do (theatre, cinema, ballet etc). However, besides all this, it gives you the option to fully satisfy you deepest dirtiest fantasies.

While I was living in Prague, I had an amazing time. The city is beyond gorgeous, like a fairytale. But only once I moved to London, I fully satisfied my needs. I got to know hot men. Every day a different one. Hot, horse hung black guys and stunning Brazilians with tight, hard bubble buns!

Review: After Hours (Lucas Ent.)


When Jay Roberts, in my opinion one of the truly most handsome men in porn today, from his runway looks to his mouthwatering perfect body, paired Jonathan and Scott, it left him alone. In the metro station a bit later, that is taken care of. He spies Harry Louis, looking sensational in a yellow shirt and suit. The two start kissing while waiting for the train. There is no one else around, but something tells me these two wouldn’t care if there were. In a more secure abode, the two follow the pattern here and start making out as soon as the door is closed. These two opt for a sweeter feel than the last scene, a more sensual demeanor, with hands groping, but gently. They remove their clothing carefully, never stopping their increasing desire to do so, but cleverly using whatever hands are spare. There is a lot of loving body licking before Jay finds his way into Harry’s pants to suck his fat uncut cock. Jay does so expertly, with Harry reeling with pleasure. For Jay, it’s not about oral theatrics, just sheer talent. Harry sucks Jay’s hulking piece, flashy and fun, and then buries his face in Jay’s ass, the white wonderful cheeks enveloping his face. Since Harry already has Jay bent over, he might as well fuck him, though Jay has an awesome section of backing up on Harry that shows off his chiseled abs. Harry nails

Jay with expert precision, able to kiss him when Jay’s legs are pinned to his ears. Harry does Jay on the rim of the couch, thrusting wonderfully until Jay sprinkles a load up his chest. Harry licks Jay’s body clean.

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