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As I mentioned the other day, during my recent trip to USA, I achieved one of the goals I have always had. I did a photo shoot with Mark Henderson. For two days we shot these incredible pictures. It was exciting to shoot every picture, the nudes and the ones in clothing. He is a


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During my recent trip to USA, I achieved one of the goals I have always had. I did a photo shoot with Mark Henderson. You guys know his work. So many hot models and porn stars have shot with him and his pics are incredible. As I flew to Dallas, I could not believe I

Shot by Haringman (Pt.1)

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Hey guys,

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a fancy photoshoot and I am very excited to show you the results. I spent the day with the photographer HARINGMAN, so we used plenty of  props and moods. At times I was very quiet and at times I had so much energy. What do you think of the pictures?


Roberts vs. Haringman

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Hey guys,

Except for information about my upcoming amazing scene for MenAtPlay, it’s been a while since I updated my blog. If you didn’t see the exclusive picture, go look at it HERE. As soon as the scene is released, you will be the first to hear about it, but you can start salivating about licking my cock or seeing me fuck Logan Moore’s ass.

I am a Cartoon!

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Evening guys,

I know I have been quiet for quite a while and I have missed all of you. Did you miss me?

As my amazing fans know, I have been in the porn business for a long time. I have played many characters. I have been the mean boss, the happy boyfriend, I’ve been tied up, dressed in leather, done shoots in sexy underwear like my Charlie. But, until now, I have never been a cartoon! I think maybe it’s because I am versatile and do so many different kinds of scenes that it is not easy to turn me into a cartoon. I have always been a bit jealous when I see the fun wild paintings and drawings of my colleagues and mates. I admire the artists, though. They are brilliant. 

As NAKED as Adam.

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I recently took part in a photo shoot, one that is really special to me. It is not for porn, but for a gay lifestyle. I love doing porn photo shoots and I love sharing them with you. But, to be featured in a lifestyle magazine is a great thing. Porn helped me to branch


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I have been waiting for long to tell you about a new photo shoot I did. This was in London, for the amazing Tim BRET-DAY & Jodie HARSH. Tim has done advertising photos for many huge companies. He has shot a lot of celebrities, and many very successful musicians, movie stars, dancers and singers. His photography is bold and feels full of movement. Jodie is the face and mind behind great club night in London’s SOHO called ROOM SERVICE. I was thrilled when Jodie asked me to participate in this gigantic photo of celebrities from all kinds of backgrounds.

Strike a Pose with Harol & Charlie.


Morning my sex addicted fans,

I wanted to show you another set of pictures from my series of photoshoots done in NYC back in April. My best mate Dylan Rosser introduced me to Harol Baez who does amazing fashion photography.

The dark images in the street really capture a dangerous scary sexy side of the city and of me. I thought that during the shoot and looking at the pictures now, it’s even more incredible.

Jay & Thomas SYNNAMON!

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Last few weeks I was knee deep in planning and putting together PLAY>TIME. I still haven’t been able to tell you all about my April trip to New York City.

I did three photo shoots while I was there, all very different but all very significant for my future. Here are some pictures from my first session with Thomas Synnamon. Most of my photo shoots tend to be like me, a little bit outrageous and daring, full of hard dick shots or the camera close to my ass.

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