On Your Knees B*tches!

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I was in the army for nine months. How many times was in the army men in those nine months? If you ask, maybe I’ll tell.

At the same time as my Naughty Santa photo shoot for Justin Monroe in LA, I got to revisit my military fetish. Is there any way my army could lose? Get behind me, we are unstoppable. 

Get on your knees, bitches, and give me 100 push-ups…and every time you come up, you better suck my cock before going back down!

Dear Santa!

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Lets sing: Santa Jayby — Slip Me Something Under the Tree..

Ok … now back to the pics 🙂

My second time working with the amazing Justin Monroe was as fabulous as the first. My only worry going into it was that Justin would make me shave off all my hair as big asses and shaved bodies are his signature look, just like Tyra Banks has her “smize.” We know what she is talking about!

Future Lover.

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Hey my fucker,

Over the last few weeks I have shown you three different styles of my favorite photo shoots with the creative and brilliant Justin Monroe. Are you ready for a fourth style? I am so impressed with our great pairing that I want to show it all off. I mean the pictures, not just me.  🙂

Justin calls this one SAFE SEX. In the future, maybe we will be able to feel sex anywhere, any time, with anyone, and all without fear. And not just feel it, but taste it, smell it, hear it. When he put me in this outfit (the gloves felt really good on my cock), all I could think of was our primal need for sex. Suddenly dozens of things ran through my head. I had visions of hot guys I had met, been with or even just seen on the street. There was a rush of sexual energy instantly that got me hard. I could feel a tight ass, I could taste a big cock. All five senses hit me in this costume, I swear! It was an out of body experience, so powerful, so full of energy. You see my eyes closed and I remember what I was thinking at the time. I felt like I was no longer posing for a picture, but in the future.

Lost in the Monroeland! (Pt. 2)

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Hey my sluts,

so I won’t be talking much about these pics from the series PROVOCATEUR” shot by the AMAZING Justin Monroe.

I have mentioned everything already here. This part of the series is called “PARISIAN JOURNEY”.

Lost in the Monroeland!

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Hey bitches

I like to keep my life totally exciting all the time. I try and do unique things, travel, meet interesting people. In doing porn, I’ve learned a lot about sex, production, attitude and self-promotion (which as my fans you know is important to me, to make you happy too), and I have gotten to have a fucking fantastic time in the clubbing scene. One of my favorite things is getting to do photo shoots. I have done hardcore and softcore and both are great because I get really get into the fantasy of the photographers. During this trip to the USA, I am proud to be added to the list of amazing porn stars to have been shot by the one and only Justin Monroe. If you know his work, you know it’s not just about a hot model standing in front of a camera. Justin does HUGE productions, with make-up, hairstyling and wicked and wonderful themes. I was really honored when Justin approached me to do a shoot because I am such a fan of his.

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