Buckshot: California Boys (February 2012) (+ trailer)!!!

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Morning to all my cum lovers

Coming soon for your jerking pleasure is “California Boys,” my first ever movie for the legendary COLT Studios. Back when I shot the scene, I told you how honored I was to be working with them as I had been a huge fan of their work for so long. I still cannot believe I am a Buckshot model.

Super special.

Amazingly special.

Gigantically special. 

Entering COLT!

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Hey my horny biatches,

I just recently discovered some classic old porn when COLT started to put their vintage scenes from the 80s and 90s up on their website. They are so hot! I will tell you a secret. The reason why I decided to go to porn was not the money or the popularity (which come hand in hand with hate emails and bad mouthing). It was old VHS tapes of COLT scenes. Watching the clips on COLT web page again, I released how much porn has changed. Just have a look and watch some scenes. There is one of a hot muscle daddy running on a beach in really skimpy tight shorts and his penis is bouncing from left to right and back again and again and again…wait, sorry, I got carried away again!

I spent a few days of my USA trip in North California, in Sonoma, where COLT is based and guess what? I am a Buckshot man now … and soon a COLT man 🙂 I am so proud to be part of their long history. Let me tell you the sexy details.

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