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Category archive: Production: Men

0 Strangers Passing

Morning guys, When asked me to film a scene with Woody FOX, I quickly Googled him and saw his sexy pics, so I said “fuck yes” to I’m so excited that the scene is finally coming out on 10 February  — here is the trailer

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0 Foreign Exchange

Afternoon to everyone, Mike Colucci is definitely one of the top 10 best bottoms I have ever fucked. His ass is perfect. So yummy to eat and so tight to fuck. I was really excited when told me they wanted to use us together again for Foreign Exchange. I even had a wank or

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Fast & Passionate “Workout”!

Hey my baby sluts, In almost every interview I’ve ever done, I’ve been asked, “who is your favourite costar?” I’m an easygoing guy and I love fucking and being fucked, so I think they are all great. But there are times it’s so fucking good, I don’t even notice the cameras.

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Morning bitches I hope your hands and cocks are not too tired from all the pumping you have with my two new scenes at Keep going! If you need a break, read a little here about Valentin MEDICI, the sexy Latin pig bottom in one of the new scenes. He’s a sweet guy to

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0 Secret Diary of an Escort (Part 4)

Hey my boys and girls, ahead of anyone else again (by a day), let me show you my new scene stills. I shot this scene with the one and only gorgeous, relatively new guy Valentino MEDICI. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. So here it goes, the synopsis: Jay Roberts is

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0 Shaft Lane 2

  It’s time! It’s time! Only a few more days before you all get to see me fuck around with gorgeous Marco Rubi. November 20 on You already have your alarms set. But, what I have for you now is an exclusive. Something you won’t see on any blogger sites yet. My friends at

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Shaft Lane 2 almost here!

Set your alarms, sluts! On 20 November, there’s a new Jay Roberts scene out on “SHAFT LANE 2” and I loved every second of filming it. I can still taste it. When I met Marco Rubio, I couldn’t believe it. I don’t care how many pictures you have seen of him, he’s fucking perfect

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"Porn Power Couple"

Evening fuckers I haven’t even had a chance to tell you all about my trip to NYC! Less than 24 hours after getting back to London, I was off again. I owe you stories of NYC and I will tell all! I promise. For now, I want to say hello from Madrid! I’m here shooting

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Rarities from Disciplinary (

Hey filthy passive bitches! So, I gave you a bit of behind the scenes info on my scene for called “The Disciplinary,” which so many of you have already watched (if you haven’t, get the fuck over there now!) and which every time I watch I get milk in my briefs. I haven’t been

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The Disciplinary (

It’s only Tuesday and I already have two new scenes up at to help you willing wankers. how to get your boyfriend back One scene is “The Disciplinary” and my costar is Taylor Scott. This is the very first porn scene he ever shot. That’s been happening to me a lot lately. Maybe I

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Finally Damien Crosse (

Happy New Year!  Does anyone want to tell me their naught stories from last night. One of you sexy readers noted that every time I finish shooting a scene, I say how amazing the guy is, maybe even my favorite of all.  It’s true, but I have been incredibly lucky to have worked with guys

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The Drill Sergeant 3 (& January 2013 on

“The Drill Sergeant 3” is a Christmas present from for all of my fans. I was in the first one with Paul Walker, but not the second one because I had to give my hole a rest! Once again, Paul plays a nasty sergeant, but this time he’s joined by Paddy O’Brian and it’s

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