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Hey my sexy felas,

so first scene with D.O. was a huge hit. And my ass loved it. Wel hopefully I will get more very soon. Maybe a private fuck for “my ass only”.

But now, I wanna introduce you to DANIEL DIAS, where I am the lucky to top this sexy latino muscle God. Watch it right here (click on the name of my production house): JAY ROBERTS PRODUCTION


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Hey guys,

let me show you my:

So head over to www.ManZone.tv or click on this active link: I WANNA WATCH CONTROL WITH JAY ROBERTS 🙂

Triple S @ PLAY>TIME

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When I told a friend of mine about who was coming to 23 November PLAY>TIME, he called it the Triple S (Sex Summit of Saints). I remembered to wear a cross necklace, but I’m not sure if anything else that night could land any of us in the Bible, unless they want some hot pictures!

Review: Satisfaction (HardFriction.com)

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(Source: www.MenNet.com)

First up is Raging Stallion Man of the Year swarthy Angelo Marconi, the compact ace bottom, along with the sterling sex chameleon that is Jay Roberts. Jay’s magnificent hooked boner is already fully hard when the scene starts and the guys are only just kissing!  The guys drool some spit down to their cocks and play with each other’s bodies a bit and then Angelo finally goes down on Jay. From the onset, Angelo is his usual wild self, able to deep throat with style.

Review: Stages of Sex (Lucas Ent.)

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(source: ManNet.com)

“Fantasy Fulfilled.” I suppose with a title like that, one might ask “whose fantasy?” Well, I’m sure I’m not alone in shooting my hand in the air, not with dashing statuesque Jay Roberts lounging by the pool in expensive sunglasses. He’s ready for action, but it’s no fun to play alone, even when you have a body with more abs than fingers can count. That’s where the fantasy comes in, the perfect being conjured up by Jay: Adriano Carrasco, a mouthwatering jewel with a great body and a hard dick barely contained in his tiny bathing suit. He walks right up to Jay and kisses him. Torrential Latin heat meets the sizzle of European elegance as the two start to attack each other.

Review: Auditions: Volume 43: Euro Guys (Lucas Ent.)

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(source: www.mannet.com)

And then we come to my beloved Rafael Carreras’ scene. He’s paired with the outrageously gorgeous Jay Roberts, so elegant, so crisply sexy, so devilish (by far Slovakia’s greatest contribution to gay porn, and with respect to hockey’s Peter Stastny, tennis’ Daniela Hantuchova and the notorious Countess Bathory, my vote for Slovakia’s great contribution to anything!). This is a genius pairing of overwhelming riches, one of those “big scenes” pitting together two never-fail heavyweights. There is no one to question them, title cards used instead. The question of “aren’t you retired” does come up, but Rafael says, “you bring hot guys here to my place, I’m not stupid.” Good point! The questions are dorky, and Jay in particular really wants to get to the sex, pushing through with comic answers, constantly touching Rafael to get him all worked up too. They finally kiss and we’re off! Men don’t come hotter than these two.

Review: I Want You (FALCON) (+ Gallery)

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(source: www.mannet.com)

There’s one more ace on the deck and that would be Jay Roberts, a master when it comes to ratcheting up a sensual moment into a nasty sexual acme. He and Landon Conrad are driving along the highway when they stop for some pictures to capture their warm touch-feely trip. Finally arriving at their location, they put the luggage on the deck and start the kissing. Jay is tall and in especially good shape, with Landon unable to keep his hands in one place since there’s so much to physically adore. Jay’s pants are pulled down just enough to reveal his unbeatable butt, which Landon grabs heatedly, but he’s not getting that prize just yet. He first has to please Jay’s awesomely erect cock, as thick around as it is long. Landon is not a particularly notable sucker, but you wouldn’t know it from Jay’s face. He looks like he’s found heaven and Landon reacts well to see Jay so happy (he manages a deep-throat at one point). The guys switch places and Jay gives his partner a lesson in how it’s done. His sucking fits in with the rest in the movie, achingly hardworking and playfully driven. Jay’s mesmerizing cobalt eyes look up at Landon frequently, but they aren’t seeking approval. Landon’s throbbing hard dick has already given that! As expected, Jay starts getting fucked by riding on Landon, though his own immense cock, flapping around in circles, that almost steals the scene.

With Brad Kalvo 4 CockSureMen (+ Trailer)!

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Hello Roberts’ Randy Rimmers!

Another of my scenes from www.cocksuremen.com is now available. Once again, I have for you a review from the same critic who reviewed my scene with JR. He wanted me to tell you to get an extra bottle of lube for this one!

With JR Matthews 4 CockSureMen!

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Hello Jay’s Joyous Jackers!

Get your hands ready because one of the scenes I just shot during my trip to California is ready for your pumping pleasure.

A respected porn reviewer sent me this great write-up of the scene. Since www.cocksuremen.com did not ask him specifically to write a review, he is doing it anonymously, but that doesn’t matter, because holy shit, he loves it!

Review: Consent (TitanMen)

(source: www.mannet.com)

Then comes the big scene: a three-way by the pool. In the middle of the kissing boys is one of my personal favorite hunks, Jay Roberts, glistening in the sun and dripping glamour, the tallest of the three and thus the centerpiece. He’s joined by an inked petite hottie named Ben Brown and a swarthy hunky Eduardo Rodriguez. Make no mistake about who is in charge here. From the kissing, it’s obvious that Jay is the leader. In fact, when he’s not macking on one boy, the other just sort of stands there waiting for his next turn. Eventually Ben starts sucking Jay’s extra large cock, which is more than enough for two (it’s a missed opportunity that Ben and Eduardo never team up on it). Ben is very able, cramming his cheeks full of as much uncut Jay as he can, going down to the balls and generally having a good time with it.

Review: After Hours (Lucas Ent.)

(source: www.mannet.com)

When Jay Roberts, in my opinion one of the truly most handsome men in porn today, from his runway looks to his mouthwatering perfect body, paired Jonathan and Scott, it left him alone. In the metro station a bit later, that is taken care of. He spies Harry Louis, looking sensational in a yellow shirt and suit. The two start kissing while waiting for the train. There is no one else around, but something tells me these two wouldn’t care if there were. In a more secure abode, the two follow the pattern here and start making out as soon as the door is closed. These two opt for a sweeter feel than the last scene, a more sensual demeanor, with hands groping, but gently. They remove their clothing carefully, never stopping their increasing desire to do so, but cleverly using whatever hands are spare. There is a lot of loving body licking before Jay finds his way into Harry’s pants to suck his fat uncut cock. Jay does so expertly, with Harry reeling with pleasure. For Jay, it’s not about oral theatrics, just sheer talent. Harry sucks Jay’s hulking piece, flashy and fun, and then buries his face in Jay’s ass, the white wonderful cheeks enveloping his face. Since Harry already has Jay bent over, he might as well fuck him, though Jay has an awesome section of backing up on Harry that shows off his chiseled abs. Harry nails

Jay with expert precision, able to kiss him when Jay’s legs are pinned to his ears. Harry does Jay on the rim of the couch, thrusting wonderfully until Jay sprinkles a load up his chest. Harry licks Jay’s body clean.

Review: Auditions Vol. 37: Balls to the Wall (Lucas Ent.)

(source: www.mannet.com)

The second scene gives us Spaniard Ivan Rueda, who lives in Berlin without speaking German. He has sexy blue eyes, a scruffy beard and a dimpled chin. Longtime vet Jay Roberts is Slovakian, but living in London. Jay is one of the most perfect-looking porn stars, with such a handsome face it’s unbelievable. Ivan has a German boyfriend who has to speak to him in English and Ivan somehow manages to live just on doing porn movies.

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