Trip to Thailand.

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Hey guys!

I am sorry I have not posted anything for a few weeks. I was travelling and spending time with my family and loved ones. During a season of happiness and gifts and fun, I wanted to be with them as much as possible.

But I would never forget you, my totally amazing wonderful fans. That’s why I posted a lot of pictures and videos of my trip to Thailand on Fan Page and TWITTER. I loved all the nice things you wrote when you saw them, thank you so much!

At home with Tom Of Finlad

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How are all of my happy hole hunters? Any luck so far?

I’ve written of my love for vintage porn, but there was one artist more influential to me than all the live porn I could find: Tom of Finland. I was young and starving for cock the first time I saw a Tom of Finland drawing, lusting after every thick massive dick he drew. I still feel that way today!

Pampering in Iceland

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All of my loyal fans know I love to travel. But, you have typically seen me in warm places where I need only to pack my swimsuit. But, I was recently chatting with a Facebook friend who was in Iceland at the time, a country not at all on my list of places to visit, but he was having a great time, so I started to ask questions. What is there to do? Is it expensive? I liked the answers because they told me that Iceland is not just some very frigid country with nothing worth seeing or doing.

Extra Extended Ireland.

Good afternoon my munchkins  🙂

I was recently going through my MacBook and I found two very funny videos from my recent trip to Ireland.  I am totally making a fool of myself, but as you know, I like to do that now and then.  It keeps me grounded, reminds me not to be so serious all the time, especially when I am with good friends and family who know my wacky side.  I want you guys, my loyal fans, to see it too.  Any of you who have been to PLAY>TIME know how silly I can get.

Ibiza F✴✴king Island!

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If you have never been to Ibiza, it’s a kind of magical spot for relaxation off-season and a crazy busy gay heaven during the season. No matter what, it always has better weather than London (people who move to London don’t do it for the weather, right?). The last few weeks, London has had particularly shitty weather. It’s been rainy and grey for weeks!

Amazing Ireland!

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Hey my sexy sluts

A few weeks ago, I went to this amazing little green place they call Ireland. My friend Potato is Irish and wanted to show us his homeland while celebrating his Bday. We call him Potato because, well, he’s Irish, and he laughed at it, so it stuck. As you can see from the pictures and videos, it turned out to be very pretty and we all had a great time, but I won’t go into the vacation details. I posted many of these pictures on my Twitter account already. Follow me there if you want to get information about me sooner and faster than anyone else.

Trip 2 Mexico City.

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Hola chicos, hola chicas

As many of you know from the pictures I posted, I recently went on holiday to Mexico. Seeing the temples and pyramids was really spiritual, a very moving experience for me. I was truly amazed by Mexico City, which is so gigantic with so many people!

But, my favorite thing to do when I travel is to eat as much local food as possible. Don’t worry, I also go to local gyms to work it off. Here I am trying some Mexican delicacies and practicing some of the Spanish I learned. I think next time I go, I’ll be ready to swallow even more of what the locals are offering, so stay tuned!

From My Private Fuck Collection!

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Morning my sex addicts

So with no big bang, I am presenting you with another video from my private collection as a “thank you” for helping me reach over 10,000 Twitter followers! The last video I posted was from my private suck collection,” but this one is from my “private fuck collection.” I know you will enjoy it!

Stiff at the Top!

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Hey sexy fellas

Picture this…a Swiss chalet, wooden buildings, snow falling. The Alps, Europe’s most perfect winter landscape. Toasty fires inside. Snow mountain walking with nobody around for miles during the day, cuddling up with a warm beverage at night. No schedules, no rushing, no traffic.

Sounds perfect, right? I wish you had been there to share it with me!

PLAY>TIME in Paris, February 4, 2012 SPYCE

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Hey my sexy fuckers,

well I think I teased you already enough. Let me tell you the secret. The hard work has paid of and I am so proud to present you all this amazing news. PLAY>TIME is going on tour. My little baby has grown up & wanna use its passport. First stop, February 4, 2012 PARIS, SPYCE.

Come over and celebrate with me, Gabriel Cross & Danny King!!

Made-2-Mesure It.

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Boungiorno to all my fucking hookers.

So, a few days ago, I returned from Milan, Italy.  Wow, that was a fucking ride!  Has your ass ever hurt from all the pounding it took and has your cock ever been equally sore from all the pounding it gave? Then you know what I mean (and we should probably meet, because we would get along really well).  There was so much sex and all of it was in a private orgy over two days!  It really was heaven on Earth!  Me and three other hot men were invited to this very luxurious hotel in the center of Milan.  Each of us had his own room, but at the end of the day we ended up in one big suite.  There was one black guy with an enormous penis, two Brazilians with more than average cocks, beautiful skin, tight buttocks and of course all I have to offer.  All we had in common were two things: an insane sex drive and we are all porn stars. No, I am not going tell you who the others are, but go ahead and fantasize about who you want them to be.  What I can tell you is that it was live porn for five viewers who wanted a true 3D experience.

Jay Roberts In The USA

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Hey sexy fellas,

recently discovered (sent by a fan of mine) an article that was written about my “persona” on Jack Manly Blog. I love you so much. I like the exposure you all give me and I am happy that I have the best fans in the world.

Attached find the article.

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