UK Naked Men: Jay & Race (February 2012) (+ Trailer)

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Morning my sleazy horny porn addicts,

Since it’s rare that my scenes shot directly for the Internet get reviewed, I wanted to tell you a bit about my scene with Race Cooper for In a way I’m reviewing myself, because I’m really proud of how the scene turned out, but it’s also a way for me to tell you what it was truly like as you watch the scene. It is up and ready on the site, so grab your dick and head on over to watch!

The scene starts with me in the kitchen, wearing an apron. Race says my “buns are on fire” and I made a sexual joke, but it turns out he meant the ones in the oven. We had a good time doing that little bit of dialogue.

Once U Go Black, U Never Go Back!

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Hey my sexy little fuckers,

After a summer of successful scenes shot in the US, it was exciting to film porn again right here in London. My partner was the extraordinary Race Cooper, all the way from America, a black stunner who had me hard the first time I saw his pictures, let alone his movies. I have wanted to work with him forever. Luckily, Race was able to stay in town for a while and we bonded closely as we shot a scene and hung out. He appeared at my PLAY>TIME party where the fans went crazy for him and I discovered over the course of a week that he’s one of the best kissers in porn!


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Hey fellas,

as promised, and I keep my promises, I will introduce you slowly to the projects I have been working on or I am part of. I have mentioned couple of times in interviews and on my blog that I am working on something exciting. So ladies & gentlemen here is my NEW NIGHT @LoProfilePLAY>TIME (make sure to press “LIKE“)!

UK Naked Men: Hard Hats, Sharp Suits (May 2011)

So, you guys asked me what is going on in my world, asking me: “When are we gonna see you in another hot flick?” Well,  the wait is over. There are two videos coming up very soon for you to enjoy. The first one is from

Call me "Mr. Cherry Popper".

Hey boys,

a couple of weeks ago I got asked by my mates from “>UKNakedMen to do another hot scene for them. The only thing was that I would have to have sex with a newcomer to the business. It is always difficult to shoot with newcomers as they don't know how to move, how to suck a juicy prick or fuck a hungry ass on camera, unless they are a natural talent (and I have met a few of them already). But  I like challenges and I agreed to do the scene.

Press Clippings: Spanish PRiDAR Magazine


Hope everyone has had a great Tuesday! I have been finishing up a lot of work stuff and I will let you guys in on what is going on by the end of this week. I just really wanted to get this post out before it was too late! Pridar Magazine reviewed “Consent” and “Bound to Please,” in their February issue and here it is for you all to see. Hopefully next time you will see me on the cover! Have look and see what they had to say about these 2 ultra hot movi


Time To Vote! For JayRobertsXXX On Best Male Blogs

Hello all my randy fellas out there! Hope everyone is being their naughtiest today! I have some pretty good news. My blog was listed on Best Male Blogs and I really need your support to get my blog up there in the top spot!

So all you have to do is click over here and simply vote! It’s that simple and of course I wouldn’t ask for a favor without giving something back to all of you in return for voting! I am a giver and you shall all receive! Just click on after the jump for a hot and horny surprise! Thank you all for your support!

UK Naked Men: SP4 Bound To Please (2011)

Hey fellas,

there have been so many of you contacting me and asking me when do I start to top/fuck men asses and I can tell you that the series of few videos is slowly getting released.

Today was released a new scene called: “>SP4 Bound to Please for “>UKNakedMen. I can tell you that the scene is gonna be rockin’ some pants of yours. I am wearing leather and fucking hot newcomer “>Harley Everett. He is big muscled man with solid muscles, tight ass and a big dick head. So tasty. I could suck him for very long time. He couldn’t resist to sit down and slide on my prick (who could?)

UK Naked Men

Morning horny bitches, I have confirmed another hot porn shoot for “>UKNakedMen on Thursday, 9. Dec. 2010. For now, I can tell you I will be fucking a very sexy tight French ass of “>Issac Jones 🙂 Hooot. This is the first time for Issac in porn. So I will take his porn virginity. So

UK Naked Men: Jay Roberts & Steven Daigle (2010)

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Hello, all you frisky horny fellas out there. I just wanted to share with you one of my hottest and latest scenes for “>UKNakedMen I did with American Big Brother bad boy “>Steven Daigle. It was hot and the chemistry was instant! It was a double whammy and I fucked his tight ass, with my huge cock and then of course I wanted some action so he fucked me for all I was worth!

It's a hard job! (Seriously ;-)) but I am glad I got to do him, I mean, it! Well have a look at a very HOT preview of the video! Enjoy!

Review: Thrall (UKNM)


From the fire of Matt’s lair, we go to a snow-bound chalet where brunet stunner Jay Roberts, with a dazzling body to match, is accosted on his staircase by a masked man (yes, we’re repeating that threat, but this scene has a different enough feel to warrant it). The masked man pushes Jay over and mimics fucking his ass, but Jay is soon unafraid and reveling in the kissing and touching of the masked man. As if Jay isn’t perfect enough, when we see his ass, it’s assured. The cheeks are bubbly and bitable and the gaping hole all but wears an “:enter here” sign. Jay is brave enough to pull off the masked man’s cover to reveal glorious caramel-colored”>Carioca, who is undaunted by being unmasked and dives into Jay’s ass with a lip-smacking rimjob using his entire goateed face. Even in tight leather pants it’s obvious”>Carioca

UK Naked Men: The Man Who Dreaded Sundown (2009)

My very first video for “>UKNakedMen was with fabulous Carioca. He has the most gorgeous prick I have ever seen, sucked and felt deep in my ass while he was stubbing me deeper and deeper. I am bringing you “>The Man Who Dreaded Sundown