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Jay Roberts, in a dark airless room, stung by the four extreme situations in which he has been trapped, is fully convinced he has lost his mind. However, when Cuban sex god Damien Crosse surprises him with spitting feverishness, Jay may finally be ready to embrace his frightening longings. The face fuck Damien demands of


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Suddenly outside, Jay Roberts finds Goran sitting there as well, tired, rumpled and clearly confused. Goran admits to having similarly inexplicable sexual encounters. As proof, Goran treats Jay to one of the best onscreen blowjobs he has ever received and follows it up with a giant pounding fuck overflowing in sexual wonder from two guys


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Jay Roberts next stumbles into a room with crazy projections bouncing off the walls. Will this be the situation that finally sends Jay over the precipice into sexual madness? It certainly could be, but he puts away his anxieties when cocky Adriano Toledo enters this hallucination of a scene. While colors, shapes and sounds cascade


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Trying to remain calm, Jay Roberts looks in on construction being done in his basement. Opening the door, he is engulfed in a room covered in bubble wrap. It turns him on, but beefy brutish leather lover Craig Farrell, in a gas mask, gets him even hotter. Craig pushes Jay into working out his kinkiest


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Jay Roberts is ready for a typical day. On his way out, he forgets something in his bedroom, but when he goes to retrieve it, he finds a complete stranger in his bed, pierced bearded stud Tommy Hawk. Jay is compelled to touch this mystery man, not with the touch of confusion, but rather with


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I had a great time last weekend and I want to tell you guys about it.  I feel like I haven’t shared enough of my sex life with you lately.

I’m not sure what time we started or what time we finished because there was so much sex, that’s all I could pay attention to.  I played first with three boys at my flat.  We did everything you can think of, but eventually they had to leave.  I went off to a private party with another guy I met.  I think there were at least five guys there, but I don’t remember that either.  I’m sorry, but all that dick and ass in my face, I didn’t need to count.  I was sucking, getting fucked, fucking, there was even some watersports!  I don’t usually do watersports unless it’s the right moment and the right hot guy and this time every guy was the right hot guy.

MEN.com: In the Dog House (UPDATE – trailer & pics)

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And here is a little update for all you who like to wank 🙂 Follow me on TWITTER & www.Instagram.com/TheOnlyJayRoberts and “LIKE“ me on my Facebook Fan Page or try TUMBLR at http://jayrobertsxxx.tumblr.com [jwplayer mediaid=”9953″]

MEN.com: Strangers Passing

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Morning guys,

When men.com asked me to film a scene with Woody FOX, I quickly Googled him and saw his sexy pics, so I said “fuck yes” to men.com. I’m so excited that the scene is finally coming out on 10 February  — here is the trailer

MEN.com: Foreign Exchange

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Afternoon to everyone,

Mike Colucci is definitely one of the top 10 best bottoms I have ever fucked. His ass is perfect. So yummy to eat and so tight to fuck. I was really excited when men.com told me they wanted to use us together again for Foreign Exchange. I even had a wank or two thinking about how much I love his ass.

MEN.com: HOTEL X (Episode 1)

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There are not very many things sexually I have not done, and you have watched me do most of them, but on 7 December, you can see me at men.com in the Episode 1  for “HOTEL X” get fucked by a Russian. It’s my first time! 

Fast & Passionate “Workout”!

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Hey my baby sluts,

In almost every interview I’ve ever done, I’ve been asked, “who is your favourite costar?” I’m an easygoing guy and I love fucking and being fucked, so I think they are all great. But there are times it’s so fucking good, I don’t even notice the cameras.

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